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Our Policy

At SALT CLUB we are constantly evolving while making sure we provide an outstanding clothing line for the surfing culture. 


Our team is always looking for ways to ensure the most reliable service and we believe in the value of customer satisfaction. SALT CLUB is always going to be synonymous with beach clothing quality.


Product Care information


Many of our products come with care instructions so be sure to check the tags or booklets that come with your item.

Payment Types Accepted

Our secure payment system accepts all major credit cards, Visa's and PayPal.

What information do we collect?

SALT CLUB collects information from you when you fill out a form. When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name or e-mail address. You may, however, visit our site anonymously.

Terms of use

  1. The SALT CLUB site at or (the "Site") is a shopping website where you can browse, select and order products from Total Fame Ltd ("SALT CLUB", "us" or "we)

    The ‘buyer’ refers to any legal entity purchasing from the seller.

  2. The buyers access to and use of the site, including the buyer's order of products through the site, is governed by these terms and conditions.

  3. If the whole or any part of a provision of this agreement is void, unenforceable or illegal in a jurisdiction it is severed for that jurisdiction. The remainder of this agreement has full force and effect and the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction is not affected. This clause has no effect if the severance alters the basic nature of this agreement or is contrary to public policy.

  4. This agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that place.

  5. The customer agrees not to attempt to change, add to, remove, deface, hack or otherwise interfere with this website or any material or content displayed on this website.

  6. The buyer agrees to be bound by, and comply with, these terms and conditions. In addition to these trading terms, there are terms and conditions that apply to the use of the site. The buyer agrees to comply with the terms of use.

  7. The buyer agrees to comply with all relevant laws relating to your use of the site and the buyer's placement of any order through the site.

Fees & Charges

  1. We will charge you, and you agree to pay, the purchase price of each product that is ordered.

  2. All fees and charges identified in these terms and conditions and all prices for the products are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and include GST where applicable.

  3. The purchase price of each product is shown on the product list on the site at the time you place your order.

Changes these Terms & Conditions

  1. For future orders, these terms may be different and so we recommend that you read these terms carefully each time you agree to them during the ordering process.

  2. We will not change any terms and conditions for an existing order that has been accepted by us, the terms and conditions that will apply to the order are the terms and conditions that applied at the time you place your order.

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