The modern world has replaced the essence of life with technology and automation.

SALT CLUB is all about the beach/surfing culture, and the connection we have with the ocean,

we are committed to quality apparel and outstanding customer service.
New Zealand has always been a country of deep cultural attachment and pride.

We want to make sure that our brand is recognized all over the world for bringing

a unique and appealing clothing brand to the public.

Our passion for quality and our dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards

are a constant priority for our business. 

Every beach lover is drawn by the sea and every surfer is attracted by the thrill of being

in harmony with nature.

We are constantly evolving while making sure we provide an outstanding clothing line

for the surfing culture. 

Our team is always looking for ways to ensure the most reliable service, and we 

believe in the value of customer satisfaction.

SALT CLUB will always strive to be the benchmark in surf and beach style clothing.


Salt Club is a company for, and about, the surf culture. The products we make, the riders we support and the people we reach globally, are all part of the community that is Salt Club.

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